Duration: 3 weeks
Format: online
Start: 22 November
The program
How to Win Publicity,
Network and Generate Opportunities.

Discover your unique self, get featured
in top media outlets (for free!), become
an authority in your space, and be SEEN.
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Knowing how to be unique and communicate your uniqueness to the world will help you stand out from the crowd and build your personal brand. Gaining confidence + getting featured in the media is what will help you get to the next level in all areas of life:

Build your social capital.
Establish your authority/credibility.
Grow your income.
Receive invitations to the top events and more.
Recognition is essential in today's world, not only for you as an individual but also for your business. The more people hear about your unique story, the more they want to buy from you and not another person who does the same thing (!).
Many people want to be seen, build the network of their dreams, easily connect with VIPs while being themselves. Imagine how your life will look like when you are seen, heard, and appreciated by society at large?

And yes, you absolutely deserve this!
Strategies & Hacks
The sooner you start making yourself known and become seen, the more opportunities you can generate, the more doors you can open for yourself.
Produced over 100 events in the wellness & neuroscience space. Founder of a six figure business development agency.
Mentor at 500 Startups, Mentor at the SELFMADE
Trained over 5,000 people through transformational programs and coaching.
Life coach and entrepreneur featured in Forbes, Vogue, Thrive global, Good Morning LaLaLand, International Business Time, VoyageLA, Having Time, Up Journey, Serena Loves, Simulation Series.
Ambassador, Speaker at @ASafePlaceInsideYourHead (700,000+ followers) and creator of The Dream Sprint coaching program.

730k+ audience across all channels
Freelancers, students, and people who want to achieve a new level of life and create an impact
If you want to stand out from the competition, get featured in the media, and become a leader in your niche + you want to prove that you can do more, be more, and develop your career by leaps and bounds.
Leaders who have reached the ceiling and want to scale
See your new growth points, build new win-win partnerships, uplift your global network, and let the world know about how unique you are and make the media interested in you.
Experts, entrepreneurs, experienced professionals who want to grow their impact and are ready to be leaders they deserve
You will skyrocket your personal brand, increase your awareness, gain recognition, understand your growth points and reach the next level.
1. How to understand yourself, get to the next level

2. Your mission and purpose: how to find it?

3. How to set measurable goals.

4. Analyze your fears on the way to achieving your publicity goals.

5. How to stay consistent, enjoy rejection and not give up.

6. How to recognize strengths and weaknesses, find your value and uniqueness.
You determined your uniqueness, set the goals you wanted to achieve, realized your blind spots, found out your strengths and weaknesses.
Additional materials:
A list of practical tasks that help you overcome and become aware of your fears around publicity.

A checklist to fill out and track your goals (with columns: plans for the month, what I did today to get closer to my goal, analysis of the day).
Module 1: my unique story
Module 3: Pitching the media and getting featured (!)
Manual: How do you write a press release about yourself and send it to over 100 media channels in 5 minutes?
How do you become an international speaker and earn $1,000 or more per 45 minutes of speaking time via zoom?
The first media channels featured you, you received the "As Seen On" checkmark. You have been invited as a guest on podcasts. You found an approach to a celebrity in your niche + established contact with them and their team.
1. How to create your Media Kit and what you should have in it.

2. How to generate invitations to be interviewed on podcasts fast.

3. Create a list of target publications you can already be featured at (according to the publicity spiral).

4. Learn a list of life hacks on how you can quickly and efficiently spread your ideas far and wide.

5. Learn how to contact any person in the world and get a response from them!

6. Come up with the topics of the first articles with your story and publish them in reputable international online magazines.

7. Learning how to manage your publicity and use your media features + continue building your publicity up!
The result
Start with me now
Module 2: Building Network + Learn How to Present Yourself
A checklist for a successful self-presentation.
A list of interview questions for VIPs, choosing them and understanding what will be exciting.
A guide with tips on how to create your first bio.
Additional bonuses:
You've created your media bio, figured out who your dream mentors are - you've already even reached out to them (and got replies!).
1. How to answer the question "What do you do?" and introduce yourself in different settings and get noticed; + top 3 methods to introduce yourself and start a dialogue with any person.

2. How to present yourself and look & be confident (body language + mindset etc.)

3. What to write about a bio about yourself (for social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) and real media)

4. Why do you need a mentor? How to find them and get them interested in working with you.

5. Why may you want to become a mentor? Learn which opportunities you can uncover by being a mentor and how to leverage them to increase your authority.

6. Interview as the best networking tool: how to get interviews with authorities and celebrities of your dreams (!)

7. How to conduct an interview (what are the best questions to ask, how to present yourself at it)

8. How to find long-term business partnerships, how to build them
The result
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